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The Universal Language

The English language is the universal language. Not only is it the official language of seventy countries, it is also the language of the business world. It is the most common language that is spoken in movies, TV shows and documentaries. It is the language of the internet. Almost 80% of all the information that can be found on the internet is in English. It is therefore very important that you enhance your listening, speaking and writing skills in the language that is considered universal and helps connect people, businesses and jobs. With globalization massively increasing, knowing to read, speak or write English is almost becoming mandatory.

Learning in an Authentic English Environment

Here at Learn the Language, we provide an authentic English environment with native UK teachers who are committed to helping you to learn the language in an innovative, fun and empowering manner. We provide the perfect opportunity for goal-oriented students who would like to master real English in the shortest time possible. We guarantee you that after you that after your time with us, you will feel more confident in speaking English and will be able to articulate better. 

What We Offer

All-Round Development

We focus on more than just teaching you to speak the language. With us, you get to practice reading, writing and pronunciation as well as grammar and vocabulary.

Self-Paced Learning

Get to your learning destination at your own pace. Most of our learning activities are online so you can learn based on your schedule. Speed up or slow down your learning as you see fit.

Interactive Learning

Our learning system is designed in such a way that you get instant feedback on what you have learnt so that you can monitor your progress. Writing assignments are also corrected promptly.

Personal Approach

Whether or not you choose for an online learning experience or for private lessons, our learning program is based on a personal approach. Connect with other learners just like you or with our native English speaking teachers.

Why Choose Us

How it Works








  We provide a fun and interactive environment for you to learn to speak the English language.   Each learning activity provides you with sufficient opportunity to try what you have learned. Spaek and listen as much as you like.   Once you feel that you have acquired sufficient skills and have mastered the language, you can apply your new skills to everyday situation.


Learn the Language, Now!

We know that by now you are 100% convinced that Learn the Language is the perfect place for you to learn the English language in the United Kingdom. But don’t just learn the language! Get certified! Improving and being able to speak the language is great; however, it is always nice to have something to show for it. You can always make that extra step and take an exam to get your diploma. A diploma in English will certainly improve your chances of being accepted at English speaking universities or of being given a job in an English speaking company.



Take a look at what our users have said about their learning experience with us.

Travis T. Lewis

As an Porteguese engineer living and working in the UK, adjusting was difficult without knowing to speak the language. Learn the Language has been of great help and have helped me to improve my English langauage skills. I am so much more confident now.

Rose R. Johnson

I needed a solution to improving my English language skills that was compatible with my schedule, easy to understand and effective in helping me improve. I was able to find all this and more at Learn the Language.

William T. James
Checker Auto Parts

My classmate recommended Learn the Language to me after she followed their courses and passed her TOEFL exam to get into the university of her choice here in the UK. I am currently preparing for my own proficiency exam and I am so thankful that I have Learn the Language to help me with my test prep.